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A tenderly tragic poetry about clash of civilizations, war and violence.

A play Titus Andronicus stands at the beginning of W. Shakespeare´s great work. It is actually his first tragedy (before that he wrote one comedy and one historical drama). It is not often staged ( in Slovakia it´s only the second adaptation ), while discussing the falling Roman Empire, its threat from barbarians, war and clash of civilization, the origin of evil, violence and cruelty in man it seems to be more than current.

An original Slovak play that won the State Theatre Košice Award in Drama 2020.

A post-dramatic stage vision called "Turn your horses!" speaks in urgent language about brutal and superficial reports of our recent history.

The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade

The revolutionary times bring verification of ideas in practice, followed by confusion. From a thought to an action, the evolutionary path is replaced by a revolutionary shortcut that necessarily leads to the tragedies of people and entire nations.

Slovak premiere of famous film adaptation

The wheels came off …

A small group of intellectuals play a strange game – they pretend they are idiots, and thus they provoke people in the streets, and create non-standard situations.

Crucial myth of Antique and our civilization

The plague and war ravage citizens of the Thebes. People are desperate. They naturally feel the need to find the one to put the blame on. Whose fault it is? Who brought the plague? Who is responsible? So, they start to search and hunt for an unknown guilty one.

A fairy tale for the whole family

A famous storyteller Rashid Khalifa lives with his wife Soraya and son Haroun in the country called Alifbai, in the town so sad that it has forgotten its name. People love to listen to his amazing stories until his wife Soraya runs away with his neighbour. The storyteller Rashid losses his unique gift of eloquent speech.