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Slovak premiere of famous film adaptation

The wheels came off …

A small group of intellectuals play a strange game – they pretend they are idiots, and thus they provoke people in the streets, and create non-standard situations.

Crucial myth of Antique and our civilization

The plague and war ravage citizens of the Thebes. People are desperate. They naturally feel the need to find the one to put the blame on. Whose fault it is? Who brought the plague? Who is responsible? So, they start to search and hunt for an unknown guilty one.

A fairy tale for the whole family

A famous storyteller Rashid Khalifa lives with his wife Soraya and son Haroun in the country called Alifbai, in the town so sad that it has forgotten its name. People love to listen to his amazing stories until his wife Soraya runs away with his neighbour. The storyteller Rashid losses his unique gift of eloquent speech.

The first stand-up ever in Košice drama

What if a priest, on his way to give the last rites, gets lost and finds himself in a theatre? And that is the theatre in Košice. After all, it is a priest from Košice parish.

A tragicomic story from urban periphery

A sentimental story from the beginning of the 20th century turns into a social look into the life of urban periphery, the place which brings a perpetuating issue of the essence of crime.

Theatre as exorcism

The theatre adaptation is presented at the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest writers of all times.