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An epic comedy

Lenght of Performance
150 minutes with break
Place of Performance
Historická budova

Bertolt Brecht's epic comedy from 1940, created based on short stories and the play concept by the Finnish author Hella Wuolijoki.

Wealthy farmer Puntila is a generous man, willing to give away his fields and cows, and even himself, getting engaged at once to four women, pitying a poor worker's family, but only when he's drunk. As this happens more often than his 'sober spells,' nothing is as it may seem. His adventurous and cheerful nature suddenly transforms into a strict father and uncompromising capitalist. However, there is his chauffeur Matti, his uncomfortable mirror. And perhaps, Matti might marry Puntila's daughter Eva, even though the farmer has arranged for her to marry a promising attaché – after all, business is business. Through specific humor (the play takes the form of a folk play with elements of farce and commedia dell'arte), the author raises questions about social relationships. Modern directorial and visual processing, along with excellent acting performances and live music, ensure an extraordinary theatrical experience.

Translation:Martin Kubran
Director:Martin Čičvák
Dramaturgy:Peter Himič
Set and costumes:Katarína Holková
Music:Peter Tóth
Dramaturgy assistant:Lukáš Lipčák
Stage manager:  Hedviga Cifráková
Whisperer:Iveta Vinclavová
Puntila:Marek Geišberg, a. h.
Matti, his chauffeur:Michal Soltész
Eva, his daughter:Lívia Michalčík Dujavová
The Judge:Stanislav Pitoňák
The Attaché:Martin Stolár
The Lawyer:Jakub Kuka
The Waiter/ The Fat Man:Tomáš Diro
Sly-Grog Emma:Alena Ďuránová
The Chemist's Assistant:Táňa Poláková
The Milkmaid:Katarína Horňáková
The Telephonist:Henrieta Kecerová
The Red-haired Man/ The Vet:Juraj Zetyák
The Weedy Man:František Balog
Red Surkkala:Andrej Palko
Laina, The Cook:Anikó Vargová, a. h.
Fina, The Maid:Janka Balková
The Parson:Peter Cibula
The Parson's Wife:Adriana Ballová
Four Musicians:Peter Tóth, a.h., Gabriel Silvay, a.h., Ján Kopčák, a.h., Tomáš Beneš, a.h.