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One of the most popular pieces of the opera repertoire
„ After Shakespeare´s tragedy Hamlet and Leonardo´s portrait of Mona Lisa, The Magic Flute is the third great mystery of our culture.“ Peter von Matt, Swiss philologist and writer
A special concert on the day of the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
The State Theatre Košice has been helping and expressing solidarity with Ukraine since the first day of the war outbreak, not only through material and financial help to the nation that found itself in a senseless war, but also through an artistic reflection of this war. Under the baton of the chief conductor and interpreted by the world class bass-baritone Thomas Gazheli, the Opera of the State Theatre Košice prepared a special concert on the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in which compositions reflecting tragedy of the war, suffering of the nation and ordinary people will be heard. Exceptional compositions and various fates of the composers, whose music will draw attention to the fragility of democracy and human life and is a call for freedom, humanity and understanding.  
Choir singers as soloists
The project HIDDEN VOICES / VOCI NASCOSTE presents members of the Opera Choir of the State Theatre Košice, who only occasionally sing minor solo characters in opera productions, in addition to their long-term performance in the Opera Choir.
A new production of the popular operetta
One of the top works of the Italian Bel Canto Master