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The first stand-up ever in Košice drama

What if a priest, on his way to give the last rites, gets lost and finds himself in a theatre? And that is the theatre in Košice. After all, it is a priest from Košice parish.

A tragicomic story from urban periphery

A sentimental story from the beginning of the 20th century turns into a social look into the life of urban periphery, the place which brings a perpetuating issue of the essence of crime.

The famous literary masterpiece which the musical My Fair Lady was based on

Phonetics professor Higgins makes a bet that he will turn the street child - the poor flower saleswoman Lisa, into a real lady. At first glance, however, the innocent game of male whimsy becomes a dangerous gamble with a female identity and personality.

Slovak premiere of the adaptation of the famous film

The adaptation of the famous Danish film Adam's Apples is a modern transcript of the biblical Book of Job. What trials of life does modern man experience? Is it a test of the Devil or a sign of God? Can an ordinary apple pie cause a change in the extremist, save the pastor and unite the ununitable? Insight and black humor are complemented by a tangle of absurd comedy and drama.

A classic comedy not only about jealousy

Molière's School of Women is considered his first masterpiece of comedy, followed by other titles such as Misanthrope, Don Juan and Tartuffe.

A play about an important girl from Košice

The story of Sára Salkházi, a journalist intrinsically connected with Košice, who went through a great rebirth from bohemian life to a martyr of the faith.