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Choir singers as soloists

The project HIDDEN VOICES / VOCI NASCOSTE presents members of the Opera Choir of the State Theatre Košice, who only occasionally sing minor solo characters in opera productions, in addition to their long-term performance in the Opera Choir.

One of the most popular pieces of the opera repertoire

„ After Shakespeare´s tragedy Hamlet and Leonardo´s portrait of Mona Lisa, The Magic Flute is the third great mystery of our culture.“ Peter von Matt, Swiss philologist and writer

Semi-stage performance of the opera in three acts

The story of the opera is the story of the ruler Roger as a representative of a social system, a world of rationality, discipline and faith, disrupted by a mysterious Shepherd.  With the arrival of a modern prophet, who preaches hedonism and self-indulgence and is followed by crowds, not only the existing social order will be shaken, but Roger´s personal transformation will also begin.

Peter Valentovič & Friends

V novej divadelnej sezóne 2022/2023 sme pripravili pre našich divákov tri výnimočné koncerty s klaviristom a šéfdirigentom Petrom Valentovičom a jeho  priateľmi, v rámci ktorých sa náš šéfdirigent predstaví s novým netradičným programom.

Scenes from opera

Tristan and Isolde is Richard Wagner’s masterpiece. The opera is considered the paramount work all the opera houses around the world wish to do. The Opera Ensemble of ŠDKE led by the chief conductor Peter Valentovič presents scenes from the opera.

One of the most presented operas coming back after twenty years

The story of a beautiful and fragile singer Tosca, a passionate painter Cavaradossi and sadistic police chief Scarpia with captivating melodies by Giacomo Puccini that have become immortal.