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The famous literary masterpiece which the musical My Fair Lady was based on

Phonetics professor Higgins makes a bet that he will turn the street child - the poor flower saleswoman Lisa, into a real lady. At first glance, however, the innocent game of male whimsy becomes a dangerous gamble with a female identity and personality.

Slovak premiere of the adaptation of the famous film

The adaptation of the famous Danish film Adam's Apples is a modern transcript of the biblical Book of Job. What trials of life does modern man experience? Is it a test of the Devil or a sign of God? Can an ordinary apple pie cause a change in the extremist, save the pastor and unite the ununitable? Insight and black humor are complemented by a tangle of absurd comedy and drama.

A classic comedy not only about jealousy

Molière's School of Women is considered his first masterpiece of comedy, followed by other titles such as Misanthrope, Don Juan and Tartuffe.

A play about an important girl from Košice

The story of Sára Salkházi, a journalist intrinsically connected with Košice, who went through a great rebirth from bohemian life to a martyr of the faith.

A combination of relationships in brilliant dialogues

The Slovak premiere of a play by a French author, which, surprisingly, is not about politics at all. It is about the divisions in the world of 24 men and 28 women in their brilliant dialogues.

Slovak premiere of the best Irish play of 2008 and 2009!

Three generations of women - granddaughter, mother, grandmother and one year in their lives