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Opera in three acts in Italian with subtitles

In this work, two ingenious artistic personalities, two masters of their craft, met: the greatest playwright and poet of all time, William Shakespeare and Giuseppe Verdi, who had one of the best librettos of opera history at his disposal.

Classical operetta

A comic operetta full of love plots, plot twists and, last but not least, dainty - today almost notoriously well-known and extremely popular melodies - has become one of the most played titles in its genre in recent decades.

Opera in three acts in Italian

One of the most famous staples of the Italian repertoire, written based on Victor Hugo's play "The King Amuses Himself". A critical probe providing an image of vulgar and obscene society in contrast to the unconditional love of father and daughter.

Opera in 4 acts in Italian with Slovak subtitles

The world-famous opera, by an Italian master, tells us a story about the ancient ruler Nebuchadnezzar II, about the clash of religious cultures, about the endless thirst to rule the world around, about the eternal human desire to be like God.

Operetta in three acts in the Slovak

The world-famous operetta about love, which overcomes many obstacles, comes with wit, subtle humor and an endless dose of optimism. The production brings not only unforgettable melodies, but also clearly conceived choreography and a desire to entertain, please and dance.