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The most performed opera in the world

The most performed opera in the world, written based on the novel by Alexander Dumas Jr. The Lady of the Camellias, composed by Giuseppe Verdi in 1853, right after the success of Rigoletto and The Troubadour. Today, this opera belongs to the permanent repertoire of many opera theaters around the world. In their time, however, the composer and librettist set out on a very thin ice.

The most famous opera by a French composer

A French opera with a topic from the Old Testament about the Israeli people longing for liberation from the Philistines.

Shakespeare in a romantic musical dress

Another excellent combination of two geniuses - Giuseppe Verdi and William Shakespeare. A world-famous tragedy in a brilliantly reconstructed musical form.

The famous operetta by the king of the Viennese waltzes

The Bat represents a difficult test of the opera ensemble not only from the interpretive point of view, but also from the acting point of view. A well-managed production is an acting concert crowned with beautiful melodies.

Opera of operas

An opera of operas that seems to stand out from time and space. The work from the last years of the master's life boldly competes with the best musical dramas of all periods.

An interactive musical tale for children and their parents

Introduce children to the orchestra and musical instruments through the famous musical fairy tale. The interactive performance offers the child spectator the opportunity to create a story of a fairy tale and its characters, which are characterized by musical instruments, but also the opportunity to try conducting an orchestra or test their knowledge through sound musical puzzles and a simple test.