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Jules Massenet: WERTHER

Košice premiere of the opera based on Goethe’s

Lenght of Performance
125 minutes with break
Place of Performance
Historická budova

The Suffering of Young Werther, a novel by J. W. Goethe about a noble and passionate young man who is torn by the miseries of unhappy love until he finally chooses voluntary death. This story struck a small earthquake in Germany at the end of the 18th century: it became a "cult" book of the then young generation and fundamentally influenced their sense of life. Werther has become the embodiment of unbridled emotionality, which is freed from the shackles of social conventions. However, he paid for his inner freedom with tragic loneliness in an orderly, "reasonable" world of bourgeois morality. In his music, Jules Massenet captivatingly expressed the ecstasy of love intoxication as well as the hopeless sadness of unfulfilled desire. At the same time, he brought to the fore the figure of Charlotte, based on one of Goethe's young loves. The lovely and wise girl renounces her love for Werther, maintaining allegiance to her husband; she decides to show her feelings only when it is too late for everything ...

Directed by:Alexander Wiegold
Music preparation:Vinicius Kattah
Libretto:Édouard Blau, Paul Milliet, Georges Hartmann
Scenography:Michal Syrový
Costume design:Tomáš Kypta
Video design:Michael Balgavy
Conductors:Vinicius Kattah, Peter Valentovič
Assistant Director:Peter Vaco
Concertmaster:Peter Michalík
Accompaniment:Júlia Grejtáková, Daniel Motyka
Stage Managers:Viera Hronská, Magdaléna Kovalčíková
Whisperer:Magdaléna Kovalčíková, Anna Szekeressová
Charlotte:Myroslava Havryliuk, Elena Maximova, Viera Kállayová
Sophie:Aneta Hollá, Veronika Bilová
Werther:Peter Berger, Michal Lehotský
Albert:Marián Lukáč, Jiří Rajniš
Bailli:Michal Onufer, Marek Gurbaľ
Schmidt:Maksym Kutsenko, Anton Baculík
Johann:Martin Kovács, László Havasi
Brühlmann:Jakub Benčo
Kätchen:Silvia Ondočko
 The Children's Opera Studio of the Košice State Theater under the direction of Igor Dohovič is co-operating
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