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Ray Cooney, Michael Cooney: TOM, DICK AND HARRY

Crazy situational comedy

Lenght of Performance
120 minutes with break
Place of Performance
Historická budova

A crazy situational comedy by a renowned English author, in which we will see what can happen when one childless couple decides to adopt a child. The seemingly formal matter is complicated when two of the husband's hilarious brothers also put their hand to the work. A roller coaster of the craziest situations will break out and the main character will have his hands full to put everything in order while maintaining his mental health. Export of the best English humor that won't leave anyone in the lurch.

Translation:Oľga Ruppeldtová-Andrášová
Dramaturgy:Martin Gazdík
Scenography and costumes:Katarína Holková
Selection of music:Michal Spišák
Directed byMichal Spišák
Assistant director:Stanislav Pitoňák
Inspector:Erika Marištiaková
Whisperer:Iveta Vinclavová
Tom Kerkwood:Stanislav Pitoňák
Dick Kerkwood:Michal Soltész
Harry Kerkwood:Juraj Zetyák
Linda, Tom's wife:Henrieta Kecerová
Katarína:Tatiana Poláková, Katarína Horňáková
Andreas, Her gerandfather:Jozef Úradník a.h.
Officer Downs:Róbert Šudík
Mrs. Potterová:Ľuba Blaškovičová
Boris:Peter Cibula
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