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Contemporary Slovak play

Lenght of Performance
150 minutes with break
Place of Performance
U vás doma

The contemporary Slovak play Jurgova Hana is inspired by a short story by Ivan Horváth, Two Women of Peter Jurga. The closed world of the family as well as the village allows us to look into the stereotype of relationships, emotional coldness but also passionate instinct. In the intimate story, both parents and children search for their past and are so desperately looking forward to an uncertain future. They are reflected in themselves and in their life stories, where love turns into violence and desire into pain. Jurgova Hana reveals the guts of the relationship between Hana, Gusto, Benjamín and her parents Peter and Kata and their transformations. One village, one family and so many passions. Jurgova Hana captures the problems of the current family, which is not able to create the warmth of home, provide an emotional background and be a support. In poetic-harsh language with cruel humor, it speaks of life on the periphery, of everyday life, which is reflected in the need to survive.

Photo: Ján Štovka

Directed byAlena Lelková
Dramaturgy:Miriam Kičiňová
Scene:Juraj Poliak
Costumes:Marija Havran
Music:Lajko Felix
Music mix:Oskar Lelko
Choreography:Stanislav Marišler
Peter Jurga:Ivan Krúpa
Hana:Tatiana Poláková
Kata:Dana Košická
Gustáv:Michal Soltész
Benjamín:Tomáš Diro
Svrček:František Balog