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A romantic ballet

The romantic ballet Giselle is a masterpiece of world ballet production. Among other things, it also carries a possibility to present completely different backgrounds, such as contrast between beauty and ugliness, love and hate, dream and reality, the world of fairies and rural environment.

A movement theatre

„ I grew old, and when I crossed the 40s, I lost hope for change for the better – I saw Italy became a country ruled by idiots, with no future (...) .“

(Pier Paolo Pasolini)

Ballet concert

The dance performance will focus on three divine Christian virtues, which are faith, hope and love.

A selection of choreographies from classical ballet repertoire of State Theatre Košice and world ballet repertoire.

Soloists and ensemble of Košice´s Ballet will present themselves in a divertissement of classical pas de deux and variations. 

A contemporary ballet in two acts based on Franz Kafka’s novel “The Trial” and his personal life

A strange and disturbing story of Josef K, who is a banker and single man, who wakes up one morning in his room to find himself under arrest for unknown reasons.

Original dance production as a tribute to women

Original production Extáza / Obrazy o nej (Ecstasy / Pictures on Her) portrays different images of women inspired by the phases of the moon as a magic gate to birth and rebirth.