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Ballet in two acts

Sleeping Beauty in the form of a romantic ballet reaps success since the time of the St. Petersburg premiere in 1890. Princess Aurora and Prince Desiré, the Lilac Fairy or the evil fairy Carabosse will come to life in Košice in spring 2013.

Baletná rozprávka na motívy predlohy Hugh Lofting - The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Dobrodružná tanečná rozprávka o nekonečnom priateľstve chýrneho lekára k zvieratkám, o jeho nebezpečnej ceste do Afriky za záchranou chorých opíc a definitívnom víťazstve nad zlomyseľnosťou v lese.

Dance theater

A folk dance comedy full of comic twists, grotesques and parodies based on the story of the famous bandit captain who took from the rich and gave to the poor. The production also includes live dulcimer music performed by Folk Music of Železiar group.

Modern dance theater

A dramatic story from the environment of Spain, full of temperament and emotions. Two men and one wild woman. Strong emotions, the colors of the Spanish environment, the influence of social conventions, all ending in drama.

Ballet fairy tale

The fairy-tale classical ballet about Prince Nutcracker and loving Clara develops children's imagination and at the same time, helps the adults in the search for true happiness and justice. Many fairy tale beings come to life in a beautiful music by P. I. Tchaikovsky.

Exclusive dance theater

A dynamic neoclassical ballet telling an ageless Renaissance story from Verona. Fights with daggers, knives and rapiers take place on the stage. Persistent love of beautiful Juliet to Romeo grows into a tragic decision