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A selection of choreographies from classical ballet repertoire of State Theatre Košice and world ballet repertoire.

Place of Performance
Historická budova

Soloists and ensemble of Košice´s Ballet will present themselves in a divertissement of classical pas de deux and variations. The aesthetics of classical dance attracts audience all over the world and technique of classical dance brings the ultimate artistic experience. The Ballet Gala program consists of extracts from the most famous ballet titles supplemented by new classical choreographies specially created for this occasion.

1. Etudes
  • Music: F. Mendelssohn - Bartholdy
  • Choreography:  A. Sukhanov
  • Soloists: Shoko Yamada - Sergej Iegorov / Dmitro Chebotar, Tetiana Lubskaya - Martin Bányai, Yevgenia Nikitina - Kostiantyn Lubko, Ervin Szelepcsenyi, Davide Covone, Anne Marie Greve Myhrvold
2. Gopak
  • Music: V. Solovyov-Sedoi
  • Choregraphy: R. Zakharov
  • Soloist: Viktor Mikulišin
3. Esmeralda pas de deux
  • Music: C. Pugni, R. Drigo, R. Marenco
  • Choreography: N. Beriozoff
  • Soloists: Suu Tanaka, Kostyantyn Lubko
4. Variation from ballet Laurencia
  • Music: A. Krein
  • Choreography: V. Chabukiani
  • Soloist: Iryna Ivaniv
5. The spring waters (pas de deux)
  • Music: S. Rachmaninov
  • Choreography: A. Messerer
  • Soloists: Diana Zinchenko, Gennaro Sorbino
6. Festival of flowers in Genzano
  • Music: E. Helsted
  • Choreography: A. Bournonville
  • Soloists: Kei Hirozane, Ervin Szelepcsényi
7. Grand pas classique 
  • Music. D. Auber
  • Choreography: V. Gsovsky
  • Soloists: Miyu Kitabatake, Olekseii Potomkin
8. Pas d´esclave from ballet La Corsaire
  • Music: A. Adam
  • Choreography: M. Petipa
  • Soloists: Vlada Shevchenko, Igor Pashko
9. Tarantela
  • Music: L. Gottschalk
  • Soloists: Diana Zinchenko - Ervin Szelepczenyi, Yevgenia Nikitina - Kostiantyn Lubko, Tetiana Lubska - Gennaro Sorbino. Mariano Covone, Sofia Arriaga - Heald

Co-performers: Soloists and chorus of Ballet ŠDKE