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An Evening of Classical Dance

The best of the classical ballet repertoire

Place of Performance
Historická budova

The evening is composed of individual choreographic parts of the classical repertoire of the Ballet of the Košice State Theater and choreography of world ballet classical literature. Soloists and the ballet choir will perform fragments from the ballets Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Flames of Paris, The Nutcracker, Giselle and others. Special guest of the performance - world superstar, dancer of the century Vladimir Malakhov.


Directed by and music dramaturgy:Tetiana Jegorova
Choreography: Leonid Lavrovskij, Vasilij Vajnonen, Marius Petipa, Vladimir Malakhov, Ondrej Šoth
Music / selection:Peter Iľjič Čajkovskij, Charles Adam, Boris Asafyev, Cesare Pugni
Production:Tetiana Iegorova, Oleksandr Khablo
Artistic cooperation:Andrii Sukhanov
Assistant director:Lenka Papugová

Performed by soloists and the ŠDKE ballet choir.

Special guest: Vladimir Malakhov