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Adolphe Charles Adam: GISELLE

A romantic ballet

Place of Performance
Historická budova

The romantic ballet Giselle is a masterpiece of world ballet production. Among other things, it also carries a possibility to present completely different backgrounds, such as contrast between beauty and ugliness, love and hate, dream and reality, the world of fairies and rural environment. The inspiration for the creation of ballet Giselle was a Slavic legend described by Heinrich Heine.

The first act of the production will be a demonstration of folk dance technique choreographed by Vladimír Marušin. On the other hand, the second act will be a demonstration of classical dance technique choreographed by Lyudmyla Zhytnykova. The production will be directed by Slovak director and choreographer Ondrej Šoth.


Directed by:Ondrej Šoth
Dramaturgy:Zuzana Mistríková
Choreograpky:Vladimír Marušin (1. dejstvo - zbor), Lyudmyla Zhytnykova (2. dejstvo)
Trained by:Shoko Yamada (2. dejstvo)
Stage:Juraj Fábry
Costumes:Ľudmila Várossová
Film:Sergei Iegorov
Climbers:Zdenko Mišina (Alpine Partner)
Photography:Joseph Marčinský


Giselle, apeasant girl:Vlada Shevchenko, Tetiana Lubska, Shoko Yamada, Miyu Kitabatake
Bertha, Giselle’s mother:Eva Sklyarová, Liudmyla Kolimečkov Vasylyeva
Hilarion, a gamekeeperMarek Šarišský, Šimon Stariňák
Albrecht, Duke of Silesia:Gennaro Sorbino, Martin Bányai
Wilfried, Albrecht’s squireAlexander Skopintsev, Mariano Covone
Prince of Courland, Bathilde’s fathery:Jozef Marčinský, Šimon Stariňák
Bathilde, a princess, Albrecht’s fiancée:Henrieta Kecerová a. h.
Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis:Tetiana Lubska, Vlada Shevchenko

Co-starring: Ballet Choir