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Verdi's opera Macbeth will come to the National Theatre Košice for the first time

In mid-March, the Opera of the National Theatre Košice will present its first premiere of the 2024. For the first time in the history of the theatre, Giuseppe Verdi's opera MACBETH will grace the stage of the Historic Building of the NDKE. The musical direction will be led by chief conductor Peter Valentovič, and the production will be directed by Anton Korenči. The premiere evenings are scheduled for Friday, March 15th, and Saturday, March 16th.

Verdi's opera Macbeth, dating back to 1847, belongs to the early stage of Giuseppe Verdi's work and is his first opera based on a theme by the great English playwright. "Shakespeare's work and Verdi's opera are a dark drama of power, tyranny, violence, the paranoia of rulers, and also of unfulfilled marriage. The impermanence of power and the injustice of autocracy lead to the decay of society, to the madness of tyrants, and to their downfall. Verdi reworked the opera for its premiere in Paris in 1865, and our planned production mainly draws from this version. It does not aim to be just a museum reconstruction of the famous story. Instead, it brings this story closer to the present, turning it into an intimate, personal, and everyday drama, finding in it a sharp humour, allowing the audience to reflect on themselves and the world that surrounds us much more clearly," says Roland Khern Tóth, the Director of the Opera NDKE.


The stage adaptation of scenes from R. Wagner's opera Tannhäuser for the new Košice opera production was done by Juraj Fábry, costumes were created by Simona Vachálková, and movement cooperation was provided by Andrej Petrovič. The audience will also be introduced to an interesting cast of domestic and guest soloists. The title role of Macbeth will be alternated between Marek Gurbaľ and Ludovik Kendi, and Tatiana Paľovčíková Paládiová will share the role of Lady Macbeth with the outstanding Czech soprano Eliška Weissová. Michal Onufer and Mihály Podkopájev will portray Banco, Jaroslav Dvorský and Juraj Hollý will perform as Macduff, Maksym Kutsenko and Anton Baculík will take on the role of Malcolm, and Viera Kállayová and Myroslava Havryliuk will appear as the Court Lady. Other roles include Martin Kovács, Kristián Guttek, László Havasi, Silvia Ondočko, Ľubica Strapáčová, and Pavol Cebák.



1st Premiere – Friday, March 15th at 7:00 PM at the Historic building of NDKE

2nd Premiere – Saturday, March 16th at 7:00 PM at the Historic building of NDKE