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INTERSCENE brings the premiere of the dance theatre Teorema.

In mid-March, Interscene, the collaborative project of the State Theatre Košice and cultural center Tabačka Kulturfabrik, will present a premiere of the dance theatre Teorema based on the work of same title by Italian poet, novelist, essayist, playwright, film director, and theoretician Pier Paolo Pasolini, staged by director Andrej Sukhanov with the ballet company of the State Theatre Košice. The new production will premiere on Wednesday, 15 March, at Tabačka Kulturfabrik.

Pasolini´s Teorema from 1968 was originally in a verse tragedy form, and only later did the author give it a prose form. However, the film is almost entirely without dialogue because everything happens in the characters´ minds, living in inner loneliness. Pasolini referred to Teorema as a „ semiotic-erotic message“, a „poem in a cry of despair form“, which was accused by the Roman court of obscenity and later declared a poetic work.

„ Above all, it is challenging to stage any of Pasolini´s work in theatre. The Generation of Italian neorealist film directors and their followers left a significant mark in the context of cinematography development as such. Neorealism brought to film productions new poetic of intellectual cinematography, de-dramatization of reality, and an in-depth investigation of human nature. In Teorema, the characters´ issues have a universal meaning.“ says director Andrej Sukhanov. According to him, the relevance of Pasolini´s work lies in the fact that history repeats itself cyclically in different forms. „Teorema contains distinct socio-political motives, but in particular, it deals with human nature. It is a meditation on human nature swinging between reality, an ideal of spirit, and intoxication of senses.“ director Sukhanov characterizes Pasoloni´s masterpiece.

According to Sukhanov, the new production will be extraordinary in its implementation. „It is a theatre of movement, and all characters are dancers. They are also actors because individual characters have lines. I hardly use the multi-genre theatre term, but the characterization applies in this case. We tried to create a peculiar synthesis of genres in the context of Pasolini´s original work.“, explains Sukhanov.

Silvia Borsetti translated Pasolini´s work, scripts written by Lukáš Kopas, also as production dramaturgy, stage and costumes designed by Kateryna Nimchenko, and music dramaturgy handled by Dmytro Nimchenko. Ballet dancers present individual characters: Gennaro Sorbino, Šimon Stariňák, Dalibor Fabián, Sergii Iegorov, Ervin Szelepcsényi, Vlada Shevchenko, Silvia Borsetti, Alessandra Improtta, Viktor Mikulišin, Alexander Skopintsev, Klaudia Skopintsev, Marek Šarišský, Kristína Zemanová, and guests are Inessa Mussa and Natália Častková