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INTERSCENE: Pier Paolo Pasolini: Teorema

A movement theatre

Place of Performance
Tabačka Kulturfabrik

„ I grew old, and when I crossed the 40s, I lost hope for change for the better – I saw Italy became a country ruled by idiots, with no future (...) .“

(Pier Paolo Pasolini)


Teorema (1968) was originally in a verse tragedy form, and only later did the author give it a prose form. The film is almost entirely without dialogue because everything happens in the characters´ minds, living in inner loneliness – the loneliness of a Milanese industrialist´s family. One day an unexpected mysterious guest arrives, frees all the family members from this loneliness, and then suddenly leaves.


This film allegory, or in other words, the political metaphor, follows the ideas from Pasolini´s film The Hawks and the Sparrows (1966) about the power takeover by the working class.


Pasolini referred to Teorema as a „ semiotic-erotic message “, a „poem in a cry of despair form “, which was accused by the Roman court of obscenity and later declared a poetic work.


Ballet of the State Theatre Košice presents an experimental dance production of Pasolini´s work, not yet staged in Slovakia, as part of the Interscene project.

Translation:Silvia Borsetti
Director:Andrej Sukhanov
Script and dramaturgy:Lukáš Kopas
Stage and costumes:Kateryna Nimchenko
Music dramaturgy and sound track editing:Dmytro Nimchenko
Assistant director:Marek Šarišský
Stage managers:Beáta Gogová, Lena Képesová


The Visitor:Gennaro Sorbino / Šimon Stariňák / Dalibor Fabián
Paolo:Sergii Iegorov
Lucia:Inessa Mussa a.h.
Pietro:Ervín Szelepcsényi
Odetta:Vlada Shevchenko
Odetta as a child:Natália Častková a.h.
Emilia:Silvia Borsetti / Alessandra Improtta
Angelino:Viktor Mikulišin
Company:Alexander Skopintsev, Klaudia Skopintsev, Marek Šarišský, Kristína Zemanová