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ONLINE - Giuseppe Verdi: LA TRAVIATA/Alexandre Dumas fils: LA DAME AUX CAMÉLIAS

Project: Svedectvo (Testimony) - MMXX

Place of Performance
U vás doma

Verdi’s most famous opera was based on a novel and later a play by Alexander Dumas fils called La Dame aux Camélias. Her name Traviata means “lost”, “the one who left the path.” Dumas fils wrote a novel on the Parisian demi-monde - half-world, in which the protagonist is a courtesan, and that is why this story was considered immoral in its time. However, Verdi, who attended the world premiere of the play in Paris, recognized its strength and created perhaps his strongest opera heroine - Violetta. We will follow her fate in cross-section through the opera and get to know the famous model of Alexander Dumas fils. In any case, it is not a sweet-romantic story, as is sometimes perceived, but a captivating narrative associated with criticism of society and, at the end, in the diaries of the protagonist shocked by the testimony of a man who is dying.

Authors:Roland Khern - Tóth, Anton Korenči
Directed byAnton Korenči
Scenography:Pavol Juráš
Dramaturgy:Stanislav Trnovský

Michaela VáradyMarián Lukáč and guest Peter Berger 

Orchestra ŠDKE, conductor Karol Kevický.

The work of Alexander Dumas Jr. interpreted by the actors ŠDKE Alena Ďuránová a Jakub Kuka.