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A multi-genre theatre performance.

Place of Performance
Malá scéna

As a special gift, the National Theatre Košice brings you a multi-genre performance about the life of St. Nicholas, not only for children. The interactive production opens magical windows into the Saint´s life, but also points to the constant struggle between good and evil that sorrounds us every day. However, this year St. Nicholas and his angels bring to our theatre a message of love, togetherness and hope for brighter times. And if you let his message into your heart, you will surely not miss a sweet surprise.

You can look forward to all components of our theatre – drama, opera and ballet, because St. Nicholas likes cooperation between people the most.

Directed by:Tomáš Hodermarský
Music:Maroš Kováč
Costumes:Zuzana Tóthová
Choreography:Silvia Borsetti


St. Nicholas:Anton Baculík 
The devil:František Balog 
The angel:Lívia Michalčík Dujavová 
Angels on scarves:Katarína Širillová a Lívia Drenková a.h
Opera legend: 
Storm:Janette Žigová 
Sailors:Pavol Spišský, Marek Haščák, Martin Kovács 
Ballet legend: 
Ballet preparation NDKE under the leadership of Silvia Borsetti
Drama legend: 
Mother:Adriana Ballová 
Children:žiaci LDO ZUŠ Bernolákova 26 Ema Macková, Samuel Macko, Anna Tóthová a.h.