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Georges Feydeau: A FLEA IN HER EAR

A brilliant comedy

Lenght of Performance
160 minutes with two break
Place of Performance
Historická budova

A brilliant comedy, where the central plot is the infidelity of the faithful, to whom someone simply puts a bee in their bonnet. One of the most famous and most played comedies in the world, a classic that doesn't age, brilliant, cheeky, light-footed, French. A situational bang that leads to an innocent idea to find out the truth about the fidelity of a marital spouse. And the proverbial bee is already in the proverbial bonnet. A ball lightning of humor and wit flies unstoppably across the stage.

Directed byKarol Spišák a. h
Translation:Ľubomír Vajdička a.h.
Dramaturgy:Peter Himič
Scenography:Štefan Hudák a. h
Costumes:Katarína Holková a. h
Adjustment:Karol Spišák a.h.
Inspector:Erika Marištiaková
Whisperer:Iveta Vinclavová
Victor - Emanuel Chandebise:Ivan Krúpa
Poché:Ivan Krúpa
Camille Chandebise:Michal Soltész
Romin Tournel:Andrej Palko
Dr. Finache:Róbert Šudík
Carlos Homenides de Histangua:Jozef Úradník a.h.
Augustín Ferraillon:Stanislav Pitoňák
Etienne:Peter Cibula
Rugby:Juraj ZetyákTomáš Diro
Babtistin:Ľubo Záhon a.h.
Raymonde Chandebise:Henrieta Kecerová
Lucienne Homenides 
de Histangua:
Dana Košická
Olympia Ferraillon:Adriana Krúpová
Antoinette:Katarína Horňáková
Eugenia:Adriana Ballová