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Borodáč Is Finally Here! Along with an Exhibition!

BORODÁČ ALEBO TRI SESTRY is a drama adaptation of an original play by Karol Horák, Michal Ditte, and Michal Baláž. It was directed by Júlia Rázusová, repeated laureate of DOSKY Award. The audience will finally have a chance to see it live on Friday - September 10th, 07:00 p.m., in the auditorium of the Historical Building ŠDKE.

Originally, the play was to be premiered in March 2020, at the 100th anniversary of Slovak professional theatre, however, the premiere was marred several times by the pandemic. The audience could have seen it only via online streaming in the second half of the previous season.

Before the premiere at 06:30 p.m. in the premises of the Historical Building ŠDKE, 1st floor lobby, the theatre holds vernissage JÁN BORODÁČ exhibiting photos from the archives of the Theatre Institute, curated by Katarína Kunová and Martin Timko.A rich collection documents and details life of one of the founding fathers of Slovak professional theatre. The exhibition is available for the visitors by the end of October. It is always accessible one hour before the performance.

Do not miss a unique look at the founding father of both Slovak and Košice theatre. It is a look back in time, more than 70 years back, when Janko Borodáč built up Košice theatre, out of nothing, from the scratch. One of the two theatres in Slovakia that host three theatrical companies.