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This year too, we will celebrate the holiday of all theater professionals with a THEATRICAL DROP OF BLOOD.

The National Theatre Košice will once again celebrate the upcoming World Theatre Day this year with an event that saves lives. In collaboration with the Košice branch of the National Transfusion Service, the 12th edition of THEATRICAL DROP OF BLOOD is being prepared for Wednesday, March 27th.

From 8:00 to 12:00, you can celebrate World Theatre Day with theater professionals through a noble act. We offer you a unique opportunity to contribute to saving lives by donating the most precious fluid in the beautiful premises of the Small Stage of NDKE.

We would be delighted if you celebrate the holiday of all theater professionals in an unconventional way with the National Theatre Košice. We look forward to regular donors, but also to those who are not regular blood donors and are considering taking this step for the first time, including first-time donors.

Donate blood in an unconventional location in the company of artists and employees of the National Theatre Košice and help us once again this year to make Theatrical Drop of Blood one of the largest mobile blood drives in eastern Slovakia. Your reward will not only be the satisfaction of helping others but also theatrical gifts.