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William Shakespeare: ROMEO AND JULIET

Exclusive dance theater

Lenght of Performance
100 minutes
Place of Performance
Historická budova

Dynamic, passionate theater, narrating a Renaissance story from Verona. Fights with daggers, knives and rapiers, original swords made in Italy, will take place on the stage. O. Šoth (director and choreographer) does not want to offer Romeo and Juliet to the audience as a romantic story. He values the story and it arises from the Renaissance period where women were not romantic but worked hard. He wants to present Juliet as the right Italian, a woman who was not afraid to be temperamental. He leaned on the text by W. Shakespeare more than on music by S. Prokofiev. He omitted a lot from the original Prokofiev’s music and only used the best, then added music by W. A. Mozart and J. B.  Pergolessi. Performance Romeo and Juliet was nominated for DOSKY AWARD 2006 for the direction and choreography and costumes - theatrical Nitra.

Music:S. S. Prokofiev, G. B. Pergolesi, W. A. Mozart
DramaturgyZuzana Mistríková
Choreography:Ondrej Šoth
Assistants choreography:Oleksandr Khablo, Lyudmyla Zhytnykova
Scenography:Ondrej Šoth
Costumes:Andrii Sukhanov
Directed byOndrej Šoth
Operator:Vasyl Sevastyanov
Editing and composition of film:Maroš Ondrejka
Assistant director:Oleksandr Skopintsev
Inspector:Lena Képesová
Choreography of duels:Gustáv Kyselica
Photo and poster:Jozef Marčinský