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Revived premiere of the ballet fairy tale

Exupéry's Little Prince still surprises today with its purity and gentle understanding of the world in which we live. It serves as a sort of contemporary bible, which, through the perspective of childlike eyes, identifies our flaws and simultaneously offers solutions for dealing with them. In a superficial world, full of uncouthness, destruction of traditions, and senseless wars, it manages to look with love, understanding, and hope.

The Strange Pleasure of Living III.

„Manipulation in general ischaracterized by a strategy in which someone tries to impose an opinion or even an attitude on us without us noticing. Their goal is to influence us to comply with their wishes. People manipulate others because they know that a direct, open request would likely receive a negative reaction or rejection. “(Ondrej Šoth)

A romantic ballet

The romantic ballet Giselle is a masterpiece of world ballet production. Among other things, it also carries a possibility to present completely different backgrounds, such as contrast between beauty and ugliness, love and hate, dream and reality, the world of fairies and rural environment.

A contemporary ballet in two acts based on Franz Kafka’s novel “The Trial” and his personal life

A strange and disturbing story of Josef K, who is a banker and single man, who wakes up one morning in his room to find himself under arrest for unknown reasons.

Original dance production as a tribute to women

Original production Extáza / Obrazy o nej (Ecstasy / Pictures on Her) portrays different images of women inspired by the phases of the moon as a magic gate to birth and rebirth.

World in pictures, life forms

World in pictures, life forms is dedicated to the memory of all victims of the War in Ukraine.