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Dramatic opera in four acts
Shakespeare's play and Verdi's opera are a dark drama of power, tyranny, violence, the paranoia of rulers, but also of unfulfilled marriage. The transience of power and the injustice of autocracy lead to the decay of society, to the madness of tyrants, and to their downfall.
Gala Concert of the soloists of the Opera NDKE and guests
The Opera of the National Theatre in Košice cordially invites you to an Opera Gala Concert featuring soloists of the Opera NDKE and guests. The ensemble will perform works focused on premieres from the previous and current season.
An epic comedy
Bertolt Brecht's epic comedy from 1940, created based on short stories and the play concept by the Finnish author Hella Wuolijoki.
The Strange Pleasure of Living III.
„Manipulation in general ischaracterized by a strategy in which someone tries to impose an opinion or even an attitude on us without us noticing. Their goal is to influence us to comply with their wishes. People manipulate others because they know that a direct, open request would likely receive a negative reaction or rejection. “(Ondrej Šoth)
A Romantic Opera
After nearly 65 years, the romantic opera by Richard Wagner is returning to the stage of the NDKE Opera, whose full title is "Tannhäuser and the Minnesängers' Contest at Wartburg". Wagner composed this opera during his Dresden period, where he worked as a conductor, and it premiered in 1845. He was inspired by the folk ballad of Tannhäuser, the mythical Venusberg, and the goddess Venus, who sometimes appeared as Frau Holda in medieval legend, a Nordic goddess of the underworld Hel.
A play filmed by Miloš Forman
Immediately after the death of the brilliant composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, legends, as usual, started to emerge that over time took on the form of sensation. Their scandalous character found nutrient soil in the haze of mystery, always surrounding a mysterious and unexpected death.