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Based on the tales of Pavel Dobšinský

Inspired by the tales of Pavel Dobšinský, this fairy tale story is narrated by an angel and a devil, representatives of good and evil. They observe and comment on our human actions, offering the audience the opportunity for interaction. At the same time, they are a reflection of the good and evil within us. However, the choices we make are ultimately up to us.

An epic comedy

Bertolt Brecht's epic comedy from 1940, created based on short stories and the play concept by the Finnish author Hella Wuolijoki.

A play filmed by Miloš Forman

Immediately after the death of the brilliant composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, legends, as usual, started to emerge that over time took on the form of sensation. Their scandalous character found nutrient soil in the haze of mystery, always surrounding a mysterious and unexpected death.

A brilliant comedy

Brilliant comedy by a prominent German playwright varies between conversational and absurd comedy with grotesque elements. Nothing is as it seems at first.

Slovak premiere of famous film adaptation

The wheels came off …

A small group of intellectuals play a strange game – they pretend they are idiots, and thus they provoke people in the streets, and create non-standard situations.

Crucial myth of Antique and our civilization

The plague and war ravage citizens of the Thebes. People are desperate. They naturally feel the need to find the one to put the blame on. Whose fault it is? Who brought the plague? Who is responsible? So, they start to search and hunt for an unknown guilty one.