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Giorgio Madia: THE WIZARD OF OZ

A famous fairy tale in a form of a dance theater

Lenght of Performance
90 mintes
Place of Performance
Historická budova

Little Dorothy lives with her uncle Henry and Aunt Emma in Kansas. During a big storm, a tornado transports her to a distant land. Dorotka wants to return home, but the only one who can help her is the great wizard Oz from the Emerald City. And so Dorotka sets out on a yellow brick road to the wizard. Along the way, she meets Scarecrow, who longs to gain a brain, a Tin Woodman, who would like to have a heart, and the Cowardly Lion, who longs for courage. Dorotka and her friends discover that Oz is, in fact, an ordinary person without magical abilities. Nevertheless, he gives the Scarecrow brain, heart to the Tin Woodman, and courage to the lion, because they actually already possess them.

Giorgio Madia, a native of Milan, made his debut as a ballet soloist in the famous La Scale. Later, he was a member ofcmajor ballet ensembles from the San Francisco Ballet, Béjart Ballet Lausanne, the Zurich Ballett, the Royal Ballett Brussel, or even a soloist at the Paris Opera alongside the famous Rudolf Nureyev, he went to the world tour. For his ballet works he received several times the award of  "Golden Mask" in Poland, or even the title "Choreographer of recent years" in Italy in 2011. His best-known works include "Stück" (Opernhaus Zürich 1995), "Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein?" (Theater Basel 2002), Alice's Wonderland "(Staatsballett Berlin 2007), Romeo und Julia (Balletto di Milano 2009), OZ - The Wonderful Wizard (Staatsballett Berlin 2011).

Directed by and choreography:Giorgio Madia
Scenography:Cordelia Matthes, Giorgio  Madia
Costumes:Bruno Schwengl, Giorgio Madia
Film:Torge Möller, Nils Momme Hinrichs
Light design:Giorgio Madia
Scenár a dramaturgia:Giorgio Madia
Adaptation of the stage set:Jaroslav Daubrava
Assistant choreography:Alessandra Pasquali, Shoko Yamada, Janka Kolesová Hriadeľová
Assistant director:Jozef Marčinský
Inspectors:Beáta Gogová, Lena Képesová


Dorothy:Natalya Kushch, Nina Ravasová, Tatiana Lubskaya, Vlada Shevchenko
Scarecrow:Davide Covone, Mariano Covone, Marcell Medvecz
Tin Woodman:Sergii Iegorov, Peter Rolik, Gennaro Sorbino
Cowardly Lion:Viktor Mikulišin, Gennaro Sorbino, Martin Bányai
Wizzard of OZ:Mariano Covone, Kostiantyn Brandler, Aleksander Skopintsev
Wizzard Glinda:Tatiana Lubskaya, Františka Vargová, Shoko Yamada
Wizzard WWW:Shoko Yamada, Inesa Yagolnik, Františka Vargová
Aunt:Jana Kolesová Hriadeľová, Lyudmyla Kolimečkov Vasylyeva
Uncle:Jozef Marčinský, Marek Šarišský
Yellow cat:Su Tanaka, Tatiana Lubskaya
Queen of mouses:Nina Ravasová, Františka Vargová, Su Tanaka
Guardian of the country Oz:Marek Šarišský, Kostiantyn Brandler
Nurse:Jozef Marčinský, Marek Šarišský
Crows:Kostiantyn Brandler, Kostiantyn Lubko, Šimon Stariňák, Martin Bányai, Dalibor Fabián, Aleksander Skopintsev, Marcell Medvecz, Gennaro Sorbino, Mariano Covone, Davide Covone, Viktor Mikulišin, Sergii Iegorov, Peter Rolik, Igor Pashko, Tomáš Matijka, Marek Šarišský
Mouses:Kostiantyn Brandler, Kostiantyn Lubko, Šimon Stariňák, Martin Bányai, Dalibor Fabián, Vlada Shevchenko, Mariia Cherba, Tetiana Lubska, Františka Vargová, Gabriela Sukhanová, Veronika Vaňková, Marcell Medvecz, Anastasia Kravtsova
Manchkins:Silvia Borsetti, Alessandra Improta, Kristína Zemanová, Klaudia Džuberová, Terézia Fortunová, Veronika Vaňková, Anastasia Kravtsova, Gabriela Sukhanová, Mariia Cherba, Vlada Shevchenko, Lyudmyla Kolimečkov Vasylyeva, Su Tanaka
Fighting trees:Aleksander Skopintsev, Tomáš Matijka, Marek Šarišský, Jozef Marčinský, Gabriela Sukhanová, Mariia Cherba, Vlada Shevchenko, Františka Vargová, Klaudia Džuberová, Terézia Fortunová, Veronika Vaňková, Su Tanaka
Country od Qwodling:Anastasia Kravtsova, Tatiana Lubskaya, Lyudmyla Kolimečkov Vasylyeva, Silvia Borsetti, Alessandra Improta, Kostiantyn Brandler, Kostiantyn Lubko, Šimon Stariňák, Martin Bányai, Dalibor Fabián, Marcel Medvecz, Igor Pashko, Nina Ravasová, Mariia Cherba, Klaudia Džuberová, Terézia Fortunová, Kristína Zemanová, Sergii Iegorov, Viktor Mikulišin
Winged monkey:Kostiantyn Brandler, Kostiantyn Lubko, Šimon Stariňák, Martin Bányai, Dalibor Fabián, Peter Rolik, Marcell Medvecz, Gennaro Sorbino, Igor Pashko, Aleksander Skopintsev, Tomáš Matijka, Silvia Borsetti, Alessandra Improta, Klaudia Džuberová, Terézia Fortunová, Kristína Zemanová, Veronika Vaňková, Marek Šarišský
Emerald city:Terézia Fortunová, Anastasia Kravtsova, Silvia Borsetti, Su Tanaka, Vlada Shevchenko, Mariia Cherba, Lyudmyla Kolimečkov Vasylyeva, Kristína Zemanová, Klaudia Džuberová, Alessandra Improta, Veronika Vaňková, Tetiana Lubska, Gabriela Sukhanová, Shoko Yamada, Nina Ravasová, Františka Vargová, Inesa Yagolnik, Peter Rolik, Kostiantyn Brandler, Marcell Medvecz, Kostiantyn Lubko, Martin Bányai, Tomáš Matijka, Gennaro Sorbino, Igor Pashko, Šimon Stariňák,. Aleksander Skopintsev, Dalibor Fabián, Jozef Marčinský, Sergii Iegorov, Mariano Covone, Davide Covone, Marek Šarišský, Viktor Mikulišin