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Sergej Prokofjev: PETER AND THE WOLF

An interactive musical tale for children and their parents

Lenght of Performance
60 minutes
Place of Performance
Malá scéna

The performance is primarily intended for listeners, spectators, preschoolers and the first grades of primary schools. Of course, when older students come to the performance, or parents with children, the manner of communicating with the audience is adapted and it is not a problem carrying out this performance in such a way as to meet its aim.

Sergei Prokofiev’s musical tale itself, clarifies the simple functioning of the orchestra, works with motifs and presents the basic musical instruments in the orchestra. The performance should be enriched with interactive communication with child-viewers, who would be involved in creating the story of the fairy tale, the characters that characterize the musical instruments, creating a space where the story takes place, a small competitive test of musical instruments and the like.

There will be the active participation of the audience in using their creativity and imagination, and together with the moderator, orchestra and music of Mr. Prokofiev, survive the story of the brave boy Peter and his animal helpers.

Depending on the age of the audience, the volume of information that will be heard will also be adjusted. From simply naming musical instruments to, for example, the functioning of an orchestra, why a conductor is needed, and so on. Children could try, for example, conducting the body, or solving audio music puzzles, and the possibilities of how to vary basic structure are really a lot.

Martin Vanek

Moderator:Martin Vanek
Conductor:Igor Dohovič

Orchestra ŠDKE