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Gorecki´s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs – in memory of the victims of hate murder

The State Theatre Košice strongly condemns the murder of two young people, the motive of which was hatred of LGBT community. The whole society has an obligation to speak up in situations, where there are manifestations of any hate towards minorities. It is a responsibility of each and every one of us. An acceptance of evil has led to the unimaginable tragedies in a recent history, the victims of which were the most vulnerable ones.

We dedicate this recording of Symphony no.3 by Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki – „Symphony of Sorrowful Songs“ to the memory of two young people and to all people of good will.

The composition full of sadness, but also light and hope, reminds us of fragility of existence and our lives, ends with the words:

„ Ah, you bad people, in the name of God, the most Holy, tell me, why did you kill my son?“

Gorecki´s Symphony no.3 ( recording from premiere at Kuntshalle Košice )