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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: THE MAGIC FLUTE (Die Zauberflote)

One of the most popular pieces of the opera repertoire

Lenght of Performance
160 minutes with pause
Place of Performance
Historická budova

What is the mystery of this opera by Mozart and why does it attract audiences of different age categories for more than two centuries? The Magic Flute is one of the most performed opera works. Many treatises, reflections and books have been written about it.


Tamino, on his journey to Pamina, also searches for truth and orientation in the complex world of symbols interfacing fairy tale and mystery. By combining music and text, Mozart and the author of libretto, Emanuel Schikaneder,  created a conflicting world of good and evil, noble and folk, joy and sorrow,  spectacular theatre and mystery. Hope and euphoria from the ideas of freedom and equality, represented by the Great French Revolution and Enlightenment, dominated at the time of the first premiere of The Magic Flute in 1971. Today, 231 years later, there is rather disillusionment and a sense of threat to our fragile world.


A common desire of man then and now is the search for an ideal social order and desire for love, freedom and understanding that brings Mozart´s last opera work closer to both, an adult and a younger spectator.  

Libretto:Emanuel Schikaneder
Music preparation:Vinicius Kattah
Directed by:Alexander Wiegold
Stage design:Ondrej Zachar
Cooperation on stage design:Alexander Wiegold
Costumes:Tomáš Kypta
Motion cooperation:Andrej Petrovič
Dramaturgy:Stanislav Trnovský
Light design:Róbert Farkaš
Video design:Michael Balgavy
Conductors:Vinicius Kattah, Igor Dohovič
Choirmasters:Peter Valentovič, Irina Demyanyshyna
Children´s choir:Igor Dohovič
Assistant director:Tomáš Hodermarský
Concertmaster:Peter Michalík
Accompanists:Júlia Grejtáková, Daniel Boronkay
Stage managers:Viera Hronská, Magdaléna Kovalčíková
Whisperer:Magdaléna Kovalčíková, Klaudia Kovalčíková
Sarastro / Speaker:Jozef Benci - Ivan Zvarík - Michal Onufer
Princ Tamino:Maksym Kutsenko - Andrej Vancel
The Queen of the night:Lucie Kaňková - Gabriela Hrženjak - Eva Bodorová
Pamina:Veronika Bilová - Aneta Hollá
Papageno:Marek Gurbaľ - Marián Lukáč - Martin Kovács
Papagena:Veronika Bilová - Silvia Ondočko
Monostatos:Maksym Kutsenko - Anton Baculík
First Lady:Janette Zsigová - Ľubica Strapáčová
Second Lady:Vietra Kállayová - Alena Fialeková
Third Lady:Myroslava Havryliuk - Barbara Sopková
First Boy:Jana Hrubovčáková - Bianka Marcinová
Second Boy:Karin Juščáková - Kamila Skladaná
Third Boy:Ema Bašistová - Rebeka Hubková
First Priest:Pavol Cebák - Pavol Spišský
Second Priest:László Havasi - Stanislav Rusyn
First armoured man:Pavol Spišský - Pavol Cebák
First armoured man:László Havasi - Martin Kovács
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