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Peter Mazalán in a unique theatrical project

Place of Performance
Historická budova

Už stačí / Ich Habe Genug is a theatrical project aiming to help the discussion on equality and tolerance among people. The cantata accompanied by Hermann Hesse’s texts bring an insight into human feelings of a homosexually oriented man. Is Bach’s cantata, this seemingly aesthetic beauty, mere form intended to cover doubts, fears or mistrust? Is this music of timeless quality a prayer with no content, representing composer’s mastery? Can viewers experience a new quality of contemplation and open themselves to human diversity and desire for better life by means of deep listening in presence of a true, interested person?

Photo: Tibor Czitó

Music: Johann Sebastian Bach
Text:Demian: Hermann Hesse
Concept, direction, scenography::Peter Mazalán
Choreography:Juraj Korec
Soundart, music:Fero Király
Lighting design:Jozef Čabo, Martin Ondrejka


Vocal:Peter Mazalán
Actors:Richard Autner, Jana Oľhová, Tomáš Procházka
Dance:Juraj Korec

Barokový ansámbel:

Music Preparation, 1st violin:Ľubica Habart
2nd violin:Blanka Pavlovičová
Viola:Peter Vrbinčík
Oboe:Tereza Samsonová
Cello:Pavol Mucha
Double bass:Ján Prievozník
Theorba:Jakub Mitrík
Organ:Sylvia Urdová