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A classic comedy not only about jealousy

Lenght of Performance
105 minút
Place of Performance
U vás doma

The classic comedy by the French playwright Jean Baptiste Poquelin Molière could easily be subtitled as a comedy not only about jealousy. Rich Arnolf is in his prime, but still alone. As a longtime opponent of the marriage and his uncompromising critic, he feared of being cuckolded. He therefore decided that if he got married, then only to a girl whom he would raise himself from an early age, so as to avoid such a personal tragedy as infidelity and to instill in her principles which he finds best for married life. Young Agnès seems to have fulfilled his idea of upbringing at first, but the situation suddenly turns upside down when she meets a young and nice Horace. In the end, everything is completely different and Arnolf himself falls into his own trap as a victim of jealousy.

The first performance of the School for Wives at the State Theater in Košice will be directed by Adriana Totiková.

Photo: Ján Štovka

Directed byAdriana Totiková
Adjustment:Adriana Totiková, Michal Baláž
Translation:Vojtech Mihálik, Jozef Štefánik
Dramaturgy:Michal Baláž
Scene:Michal Lošonský - JaOnMi CreatureS
Costumes:Katarína Holková
Music:Ľubica Čekovská
Choreography:Martin Borko
Inspector:Erika Marištiaková
Whisperer:Iveta Vinclavová
Arnolf:Ivan Krúpa
Agnesa:Alena Ďuránová
Horác:Juraj Zetyák
Margita:Henrieta Kecerová
Milan:Stanislav Pitoňák
Katalin:Adriana Ballová
Oront:Róbert Šudík
Enrique:Milan Antol