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Black detective comedy

Lenght of Performance
140 minút s prestávkou
Place of Performance
Historická budova

Everything looks promising and straightforward. The middle-aged couple finally managed to get their own house. It will only take a few building modifications and nothing can prevent them from just being happy. Parental counseling will also help, and visions of one's own family home will materialize. And just when it looks so hopeful, when they are just a step away from the dream of peace, mysterious things begin to happen.
The black detective comedy by Danish contemporary author Line Knutzon reveals all the sorrows of rebuilding and reconstructions. Not only financial, but also physical and mental. Once it is said that it will be done in a week and a mysterious group of craftsmen is in charge, then there is no shortage of complications. Where was the building material suddenly lost? Where did the wall disappear? Where did the stairs go? And finally, where did the craftsmen themselves go? As an unknown classic says, the path to new housing requires victims ...
The play Craftsmen will be directed by Michal Spišák.

Photo: Ján Štovka

Warning for the audience: A strobe is used in the production.

Directed byMichal Spišák
Translation:Milan Žitný
Dramaturgy:Miroslava Dziak-Košická
Scenography: Michal Lošonský
Costumes:Eva Kleinová
Inspector:Ingrid Dlugošová
Whisperer: Janka Popovičová


Alica:Henrieta Kecerová
Manfréd:Stanislav Pitoňák
Gréta:Adriana Ballová
Karol:Peter Cibula
Alžbeta:Ľuba Blaškovičová
Master:Róbert Šudík
Molnár:Juraj Zetyák
Marek: Andrej Palko
Polbrat:František Balog
Karola:Katarína Horňáková, Diana Semanová a.h.
Oskar:Tomáš Diro