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A combination of relationships in brilliant dialogues

Lenght of Performance
160 minutes with one break
Place of Performance
Malá scéna


  • Júlia Rázusová for the best director


  • in the category Extraordinary work in the field of drama theater for the collective performance of Alena Ďuránová, Tatiana Poláková, Andrej Palek, Peter Čižmár, Gabriela Mihalčínová Marcinková and Braňo Mosný.
  • the artist Markéta Plachá was also nominated in the category of the best sceno of the season for the stage for this production.

It will be surprising, but Joël Pommerat's play The Reunification of Koreas is not about politics at all. And it's not even about Slovakia and Korea. But it could be about divisions in the world of men and women, about differences in our relationships and about finding a way to each other. Or the complications of mutual misunderstandings that hinder our unification. A series of short situations, sometimes ironic, sometimes grotesque, sometimes absurd, but above all human, are connected by this unification. The author found inspiration in Ingmar Bergman, Edward Albeem and Arthur Schnitzler and in their characters of wives, men, brides, grooms, sisters, prostitutes, priests, bosses, secretaries, great loves and disappointments. A total of 24 men and 28 women who love, fall in love, or love someone else, or have just heard of love. It is a thrilling evening of a set of relationships, prepared by one of the most interesting phenomena of contemporary French theater. The combination of relationships in brilliant dialogues will say something about why it is so excitingly complicated between the North and the South.
The audience of the State Theater in Košice will see the play The Reunification of Koreas directed by Júlia Rázusová in the Slovak premiere.

We would like to thank to the Košice Airport for providing space for photographing the poster for the production.

Photo: Ján Štovka

Directed byJúlia Rázusová
Translation:Elena Flašková
Dramaturgy:Miriam Kičiňová
Scenography and costumes:Markéta Plachá
Music:Marián Lejava
Vocals:Katarína Máliková
Inspector:Erika Marištiaková
Whisperer:Iveta Vinclavová
Alena Ďuránová
Tatiana Poláková
Andrej Palko
Juraj Zetyák
Gabriela Marcinková Mihalčinová a.h./Veronika Husovská a.h.
Braňo Mosný a.h.