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Elaine Murphy: LITTLE GEM

Slovak premiere of the best Irish play of 2008 and 2009!

Lenght of Performance
125 minutes with break
Place of Performance
Malá scéna

Three generations of women - granddaughter, mother, grandmother and one year in their lives. The search for a lost father, the search for a potential partner, the search for the meaning of life and the birth of a child and one death. The best Irish play of 2008 and 2009, Elaine Murphy's debut, has distinctive humor and kindness. Three women in mutual monologues talk about everything common, non-standard, surprising, fundamental, but also pleasantly banal-ordinary things, which happened in one year. Moje baby - this is a story about how difficult it is to be a responsible mother, how to learn to live with one’s loneliness and how beneficial salsa lessons can be.

Photo: Ján Štovka


Directed byAlena Lelková
Dramaturgy:Adriana Totiková
Translation:Zuzana Dzurindová
Scenography:Juraj Poliak
Costumes:Dorota Cigánková
Music selection and music postproduction:Oskar Lelko
Inspector: Hedviga Cifráková
Whisperer:Iveta Vinclavová
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