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Anders Thomas Jensen: ADAM’S APPLES

Slovak premiere of the adaptation of the famous film

Lenght of Performance
95 minutes without break
Place of Performance
Malá scéna

The neo-Nazi Adam comes to the rural rectory to work for community service. Here he meets the peculiar pastor Ivan, but also other, relatively peculiar members of the penitentiary community. Adam's job is to bake a pie, using apples from the rectory’s apple tree. But is it possible when a tree is threatened by a catastrophe all the time? Even among the community members, differences of opinion are revealed, tensions are rising and conflicts are escalating. All this is complemented by a series of magical events and unexpected surprises.

Photo: Ján Štovka

Directed by:Ján Luterán
Translation:Anna Fosse
Adaptation:Ján Luterán
Dramaturgy:Miriam Kičiňová
Scenography:Juraj Poliak
Costumes:Diana Strauszová
Light design:Ján Ptačin - JaOnMi CreatureS
Music:Ján Kružliak
Inspector:Ingrid Dlugošová
Whisperer:Jana Popovičová
Ivan:Martin Nahálka, a.h.
Adam:Michal Soltész
GunnarStanislav Pitoňák
Khalid:František Balog
Paul:Ľubo Záhon, a.h.
Sahar:Alena Ďuránová
Esben:Jakub Kuka
Dr. Kolberg:Róbert Šudík
Holger:Tomáš Diro
Arne:Peter Gedeon, a.h., Lukáš Lipčák, a.h.
Noller:Tomáš Magdoško, a.h.


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