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Remember November 17 with the Košice State Theater


The significance of the day, which changed the future 31 years ago, can be remembered on Tuesday November 17, 2020 together with the Košice State Theater. From 7pm from the Small Scene of the Košice State Theater, we broadcast online a unique ballet performance by Ondrej Šoth - Milada Horáková - about perhaps the most famous victim of communist so-called monster trials in Czechoslovakia from the 1950s. The theater pays tribute to all the victims of communist and other dictatorships though an extraordinary online performance, and also pays tribute to all those who fought for our freedom today.

The Košice State Theater will honor the memory of the Košice people, who gave their lives for freedom. In particular, seven victims of the 1968 Soviet occupation - Michal Hamrák (16), Ján Hatal (19), Jozef Kolesár (35), Ján László (53), Ivan Schmiedt (27), Ladislav Martoník (23) and Bartolomej Horváth (21), who succumbed to injuries after three weeks.

The performance is also dedicated to the memory of the famous actor Petr Rašev from Košice, the leader and tribune of the Velvet Revolution in the capital of eastern Slovakia, who unfortunately succumbed to a malicious disease twelve years ago.

The performance is dedicated to “Gulag Conductor“, another person from Košice, Levko Dohovič. A native of Transcarpathian Ukraine, at the age of less than 15, became one of the youngest political prisoners in the then Soviet Union and spent seven years in Stalin's gulags. The personality of Levko Dohovič symbolically connects Milada Horáková's online performance with Prague, where the Post Bellum Foundation (the non-profit organization) will present the National Remembrance Awards for the eleventh time to people who at one point in their lives have demonstrated that honor, freedom and human dignity are not just empty words. Levko Dohovič is one of the five laureates for 2020.

Join the Košice State Theater on Tuesday November 17, 2020 and remember, together with artists and the exceptional Milada Horáková performance, a history that we should never forget on behalf of future generations.