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„Interscene“ connects State theatre Košice and Tabačka Kulturfabrik

By signing memorandum of cooperation and presentation of performance Brave New Life at the Small Stage of State Theatre Košice, the new project „Interscene“ will be launched at the beginning of new theatre season, that will connect two important cultural institutions in the city – the independent cultural centre Tabačka Kulturfabrik and the State Theatre Košice.     

„ The goal of the project is to establish systematic cooperation between non-profit organization and the state contribution organization of the Ministry of Culture – two important cultural  institutions  focused on presentation and promotion of contemporary drama and dance art,“ says Andrej Petrovič, artistic director of contemporary balet dance at the State Theatre. By initiation of mutual coordinated steps in a program area, both culture centres in Košice want to achieve synergistic effect, increase effectiveness and impact of their activities  aimed at viewers and creators involved in individual programs. At the same time, they want to offer the residents and visitors of city the opportunity to see differences and intersections of established and non-established cultural institution and use the possibilities of their mutual complementation with the aim of supporting and developing dance and scenic art in Košice.

According to the artistic director of Tabačka Kulturfabrik Peter Radkoff, the activities of the new project will focus not only on current viewers and visitors of the theatre and independent cultural centre, but also on the professional public, students of art schools in Košice and an independent art scene in Košice. „Interscene was created out of need for cooperation and with an ambition to offer visitor of both institutions new viewing opportunities, connect our audiences and create space for common creative and educational activities determined to profesional and laic public,“ adds Zuzana Psotková, curator of a dramatic program at the cultural centre Tabačka Kulturfabrik.

At the beginning of new theatre season, on Thursday 8th September, the Interscene will introduce the theatre performance Brave New Life  at the Small Stage of State Theatre Košice. The performance was created two years ago in co-production of two cultural centers – Cooltour from Ostrava and Tabačka Kulturfabrik, currently presented in cooperation with MOOVE Ostrava. The original non-classical drama text from a pen of Michaela Zakuťanská is based on contributions from internet discussions and websites and forms a metatext composed of a shitstorm, where today´s people get lost.