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A special REQUIEM for all deceased and innocent victims of war

On the eve of All Saints´ Day, the State Theatre Košice will honor a memory of all late theatre makers, artists and good people, but above all, the memory of hundreds of innocent victims, that have been increasing daily in Ukraine since 24th February of this year during Russia´s criminal and absurd war attack. Pause with us for a while and come to a historical building of State Theatre Košice on Sunday, 30th October, for the special ballet performance of Verdi´s REQUIEM, part of a successful production Orbis Pictus, directed and choreographed by Ondrej Šoth.

Let´s express our support to the suffering people of Ukraine, who are even these days facing unprecedented bombing. We must never forget thousands of destroyed lives, hundreds of killed children and civilians, but also thousands of unnecessarily lost lives of fighters. They lost their lives just because of one mans crazy decision to wipe the nation off the world map, who has no remorse about war crimes and threats of nuclear apocalypse.

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