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One of the most beautiful opera houses in Central Europe, the historic building of the State Theatre Košice in the east of Slovakia, is playing host to another unique project – a staged performance of Schubert´s song cycle Winterreise featuring Slovak star tenor Pavel Breslik accompanied by the acclaimed pianist Robert Pechanec. The performance will be available to watch online.

„We are pleased to announce that our house is hosting the acclaimed Slovak tenor Pavel Breslik in a performance of the song cycle Winterreise by Franz Schubert. Mr. Breslik is accompanied by the internationally acclaimed pianist Robert Pechanec.  Schubert´s cycle is a dramatic monologue about grief and love giving way to more existential despair and resignation where the winter´s journey becomes a synonym for a psychological and spiritual one“, says Roland Khern Toth, director of the opera ensemble of State Theatre Košice. The performance is directed by Anton Korenči and contains video art by Bea Kolbašová.

The performance will be available online via the website Brslik/tickets_EN . To purchase tickets, please select a number of tickets and then select a payment option  - 10 EUR for a single ticket or 20 EUR for an additional donation of 10 EUR to the opera house. You will be asked to provide your name and surname (Meno a priezvisko) and a valid email address. You will then have to agree to the Sales Terms and Conditions (Súhlasím). You will be then directed to the payment (on the bottom of the page).